Saturday, January 17, 2009

7th Time's a Charm

So although I've been a lazy bastard about updating this journal, I've actually been doing pretty well with the diet. I joined WW 2 weeks ago and Thursday was my first weigh-in. In the past when I've joined ww, I've been really pumped in the beginning only to fuck up at the first opportunity. I think out of the 6 or 7 times I've joined in the last 5 years, less than half resulted in me attending the second meeting. So my expectations were pretty low to start. But I forced myself to go anyway, and stay for the actual meeting. The meeting leader had to be in her 60s, but was really kind of funny. I can't stand the rah-rah peppy types who became lifetime members after losing 20 pounds or so after having a baby. This lady was not stick-thin and had actually lost 60 pounds on the program. The people in the meeting didn't seem quite as douchy as usual either. They have this new thing where they total all the weight lost by people in the meeting and report it at the end. Once they had totalled it up it amounted to a total of 4.5 lbs lost for the entire group, and I shit you not there had to be 50 people in the room. Since it was a week after the holidays, everyone had a pretty good sense of humor about it. And it also made me realize that there were never a reason to skip a meeting for fear of gaining weight, as most of the recovering fatties were having the exact same issues as me. Anyways, I ended up losing 5.4lbs last week, which is excellent motivation going into the next week. I'm still lightyears away from the 10% goal, but it's the first real progress I've made in what feels like forever.